Lukas Parizek - The Unlimited Story

Lukas Parizek

The Unlimited Story

Few words about me

My name is Lukas Parizek and I was born in the Giant Mountain’s beautiful town Vrchlabí on the 3rd of Novemeber in 1990. After my studies at Jaroslava Heyrovského secondary school and studies at Lewis Palmer Hischool in Colorado (USA) I decided to continue my family’s tradition of engineering. I started my university studies at CTU – Czech technical university where I succefully finished my master degree in 2019. My field of engineering was the steel traffic structures and composite materials.

Anyway, since childhood I have been always fascinated by airplanes and aviation so I got on the path to fulfill my aviation dream right after I was finished with alpine skiing racing in 2015.

Couple years ago, you could find me also on the swimming team Bohemians A, alpine skiing team SK Studenec, volleyball team Vysehrad A or on the Czech national Kendo team (martial arts), but my heart has been always pushing myself up to the air among clouds and so I have finnaly began to devote myself to aerobatic sport.

I got my private pilot licence and sail plane licence in 2015. In the spring of 2016 I started training powered aerobatics at the LKKV (Karlovy Vary) airport with Jiri Duras as a coach,instructor, who takes care of young talented aerobatic pilots who fly on powered planes. Another part of my training was also aerobatics with gliders with coach named Milos Ramert who takes care of young talented glider aerobatic pilots at the Benesov airfield. Both of them gave me the best foundation for aerobatics and their leadership made me to compete in this beatiful sport.

Currently Im a member of the Czech aerobatic national team for powered and sail planes. Because of financial and time management I have decided for now to compete only in the powered aerobatics. My goal is to win one day a world aerobatic championship in the unlimited cathegory and impress as much as I could race in the Redbull Airrace series if it ever comes back J.

Aerobatics is not just about flying, it requiers complex physical preparation, maximum concentration and focus on details. In this age of IT technologies is more difficult to find exact direction or an activity, which is connected with immediate decision making in the exact moment that is also affected by high physical load, life order and everyday self development. Aerobatics fulfills all these aspects and therefore its the perfect tool for self development.

Still, there is a one great wisdom that has to be apllied and this wisdom ar the words from a great racer and aerobatic coach: Richard Ponizil.

„MHR- Modesty, Humility, Respect!“

On the podium

By every success I knew I had taken the right path in my life. Trophies can never be as important as knowing that you do what you were chosen for. Because “the road is the destination”. Medals and awards, however, bring a certain business card about my flying and support people's trust in my abilities. This trust is essential, because it is not just me that is behind my success. It is also the work of people who believe in me and help me to achieve my goals. When I win, I feel happy for these people who believe in me.


Powered aerobatic (XA42, Extra 330, Zlín 50, Decathlon)



  • Czech Aerobatic Championship – 2nd place in Advanced / August 2020
  • Rakovnicky Pohár – 2.nd place in Advanced / July 2020
  • Karlovarský pohár – 1st place in Advanced / May 2019 


  • The best aerobatic pilot award of the year 2019
  • Hosínský pohár – 4th place in Advanced / September 2019
  • Rakovnický pohár – 1st plac in Advanced / July 2019
  • World Aerobatics Championship Břeclav – 15th place in Intermediate/ July 2019
  • National Championship at LKCT – 1st place in Intermediate / June 2019
  • Karlovarský pohár – 1st place in Intermediate / May 2019
  • Mostecký pohár – 1 place in Intermediate / May 2019


  • The glider aerobatics period


  • Mostecký pohár – 1st place in Intermediate / May 2017
  • Karlovarský pohár – 2nd place in Intermediate / May 2017
  • National Championship at LKCT – 2nd place Intermediate / June 2017
  • Hosínský pohár – 2nd place total, 1st in category / September 2017
  • The best aerobatic pilot of the year 2017 and Journalist Award for 2nd place in the Best Aerobatics (1st place was Martin Šonka)


  • National championship Břeclav – 3rd place in sportsman / July 2016
  • Hosínský pohár – 1. place at sportsman category / September 2016


Glider aerobatics (MDM-1 FOX)


  • Gliders national championship – 3rd place at Advanced category
  • Danubia Cup  – 33rd place at Advanced category
  • World aerobatic championship – 1 bronze medal for Free known sequence and 7nd place in total.


  • Joint Czech National Aerobatic Team


  • Mladá Boleslav -1st place at sportsman category / October 2016

The aircraft i fly

Powered planes

Xtreme Air XA42

Extra 300

Zlín Z50

Zlin Z142

Extra 330

Super Decathlon - 8KC

Bulldok SK-61


MDM-1 Fox


L13 Blaník

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Skupina SkyLeader

Manufacturer of aircraft and aircraft components.

FlyCzech s.r.o.

Flying school

Zé Coffee

Refreshing Arabica coffee drink with roasted malt.

Aeroklub České republiky

Aeroclub of the Czech Republic

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